"Reforms" that have made New York Unsafe Must Be Rolled Back! Sign if you agree!

Weekends are filled with shootings. Dangerous commutes. Violence in playgrounds. Hate crimes against Asian-Americans and Jewish New Yorkers. This is what Democratic “reforms” have gotten us.

Albany has been hijacked by radicals and socialists who want to make our neighborhoods shabbier and unsafe. They plan to make all of us suffer for their ambition: taking over all the levers of power in state government.

Bill Colton has been in the State Assembly since 1996, and the Assemblymember before him – Colton’s mentor – was there since 1973.
Two Assemblymen in 49 years!

Colton has presided over his party’s leftward lurch, cowering in fear of the radical activists who bully legislators like him. He never spoke up. He’s killing time and wasting ours.

A New York Republican Will Do Better!

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