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Ruslan Shamal is running for City Council in Staten Island because our neighborhoods need and deserve a forceful voice to make a positive difference.

Safer Streets

A Safe neighborhood is a cornerstone for a strong community.


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Ruslan Shamal is a Staten Island neighbor. He moved here from Brooklyn at the birth of his first child for the stability and consistency and community Staten Island provides. Ruslan is a host of a popular Russian-language radio show. Working in media for 20 years, Ruslan is a small business owner and community organizer. He’s hosted hundreds of neighborhood events. A staunch supporter of the NYPD & of public safety, his other priorities include: support for small businesses & revitalizing the North Shore’s economy, protecting home and property owners, encouraging family involvement in the education of all of our children in all of our schools and respect and support for our veterans and seniors. Ruslan’s American & Staten Island story is the commonality we share – hard work, sacrifice, adaptability and generational advancement.

Public Safety. Common Sense. Opportunity. 

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Ruslan On The Issues

Public safety, Education, Encouraging Opportunity, Government Accountability, Parental Involvement in Learning & School Choice, Standing up for Homeowners and Supporting our Police